Seglian Manufacturing Group is comprised of four operating units, each of which is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services, as well as overall value to our customers. Each of these operating units has a unique history of its own going back as many as 25 years. Now they are joined together under the Seglian name, and aligned under one mission, vision, and charted course.

The name Seglian is an old English word meaning “to sail” or “good sailing”. When sailing any vessel, one must employ numerous time honored skill sets that have been learned, honed, and passed down over centuries from one generation to another. At Seglian, our company is our ship, the business market our oceans.

Whether setting sail in business or on the wide open seas, we must have keen knowledge of our environment, ability to navigate effectively, timing and execution, teamwork, and perseverance to achieve the final destination port. These are the principles that we at Seglian strive to meet every day.

I welcome you to explore our website and to contact us to see how Seglian can help
you chart a course for success in your business.

Best Regards,
Greg Neal, President
Seglian Manufacturing Group.


At Seglian, we strive to understand the challenges you face every day in your industry.  Our goal is to deliver solutions to help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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At Seglian, VALUE ADDED SERVICE is what sets us apart from the rest.  From our turn key logistics solutions, to manufacturing optimization, to Supply Chain Management.

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Like sailing, manufacturing is a team effort.  Every person and function has an important role in the success or failure of the team and result of their effort.  All three of our manufacturing units are certified…

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Logistic Solutions

Companies must rely on seasoned professionals to insure their Logistics chain is strong. There must be contingency plans as well as various safety measures taken to insure delivery of the goods and services…

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