Logistic Solutions

Today’s world is connected by an endless chain of links that are used to move all sorts of goods around the world from their place of origin to where they are ultimately consumed, and through multiple stages in between. These Logistics Chains are what keep our world functioning and feed the world of commerce. They are as complex as any other industry, and at times are greatly subject to disruption caused by man, nature, acts of war, and so on.

Companies must rely on seasoned professionals to insure their Logistics chain is strong. There must be contingency plans as well as various safety measures taken to insure delivery of the goods and services they require.

At Seglian, we have over 25 years of experience in moving products around the world and delivering them to our customers on time. 100 years ago, “on time” could mean any time in the next month or two. Today, Seglian guarantees deliver to the exact day, and sometimes the exact hour!!!

Whether it is across an ocean, or across town, you can trust Seglian to deliver your product when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.


Seglian uses the most reputable carriers and service providers in the business. From ocean freight to local truck freight, to local warehousing and stock, you can count on…

Cost Effectiveness

Seglian constantly evaluates our logistics cost to determine if we are using the most efficient method, route, packing, and service providers to move our products.


Our teams at Seglian will consult with your teams, provide you with the data you need to make a decision, and then execute a mutually viable system that meets the needs of all.