Just in time may have a different meaning to different people.

To Seglian, it means whatever YOU want it to mean. As previously mentioned, Seglian currently utilizes eight warehouses in four countries to hold safety stock of goods.

So, depending on your needs, we can use an existing warehouse, or use a 3rd party location near your point of use to deliver….

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Multiple Daily
  • Upon Your Instruction

Deciding how goods are delivered and with what frequency usually requires a lot of compromise between several departments within one company. Our teams at Seglian will consult with your teams, provide you with the data you need to make a decision, and then execute a mutually viable system that meets the needs of all.

The key to any good “just in time” system is transparency. Our warehouses use the latest software and web tools to provide the transparency and up to date information you require.