A Secure Logistics Chain begins with knowing the risks and potential problems.

There are several stages and points of transfer when shipping goods around the world. Your team must understand each of these to insure your goods move safely through with no delay or damage.

At Seglian, Security is Job One!

When the west coast recently enacted a work slow-down, Seglian was proactive and moved our shipments to the east coast and other unaffected ports long before most others did. As a result, we can say we had No Affect from these west coast port actions. More importantly, our customers were unaffected, and received their shipments from Seglian on time throughout this period.

Safety Stock Programs.

Most of our customers are large manufacturers who demand deliveries weekly, if not daily. To achieve this, Seglian maintains a large safety stock of product in one of our many warehouse locations, usually nearby to our customer plant location. Depending on customer needs, this safety stock will consist of between 20~30 calendar days of customer product requirement. This is to secure delivery to our customer at all time and to cover reasonable levels of demand fluctuation.

Seglian uses the most reputable carriers and service providers in the business. From ocean freight to local truck freight, to local warehousing and stock, you can count on Seglian and our network of providers to Deliver The Goods!!