Manufacturing Units

Like sailing, manufacturing is a team effort. Every person and function has an important role in the success or failure of the team and result of their effort. Every person is relied upon by the others to fulfill their role consistently and without fail.


However, as most manufacturing professionals know, that is not enough. There must be a robust system in place to insure any human or machine failure is identified should it occur. All three of our manufacturing units are certified to the TS16949 quality standard and adhere to this standard every day.

Seglian Precision Tube (SPT)

Seglian Manufacturing Group has not one, but TWO joint venture specialty tube factories to produce high precision tube products to the automotive, truck , and other industries.

Seglian Ring-Rolled Forgings (SRF)

Ring Roll forging is a process whereby a NEAR NET SHAPE RING is produced as a one piece forging, which originates from a large diameter piece of bar stock. This unique process …

Seglian Machined Products (SMP)

Our Machining Engineers and Technicians at Seglian have decades of experience that our customers rely on every day! We employ the latest in machining technology, data collection…

Seglian Sourcing Solutions (SSS)

Our Seglian team is focused on bringing supply chain SOLUTIONS to our customers. Yet we don’t always have the resources to do so within our Seglian group of factories.