Seglian Manufacturing Group has not one, but TWO joint venture specialty tube factories.

Each produce high precision tube products to the automotive, truck , and other industries.  Each factory focuses on a specific range of tube sizes and products.

Both of these factories specialize in high precision, stainless steel tube products, mainly for EGR applications (exhaust gas recirculation for emissions control), but also have the capability to produce tube products for other applications depending on customer need.

Current range of products include:

  • Dia Range: 3.0mm ~ 10.0mm
  • WT Range: 0.15~4.0mm
  • Materials: 304,304L 316, 316L, 904L, (others dependent on customer need)
  • Welding: TIG, Laser
  • Cold Drawn or Weld to size
  • Fully 100% pressure tested
  • Flat / Dimpled tubes with oval or square cross section