Ring Roll forging is a process whereby a NEAR NET SHAPE RING is produced as a one piece forging, which originates from a large diameter piece of bar stock.

This unique process is used to achieve three key objectives:

  • Reduce machining costs
  • Reduction and Optimization of Gross Material Weight used
  • Fast, highly reproducible forging process

Seglian engineers have converted many products over to Ring Roll Forgings that were previously made from other manufacturing processes.

The results for our customers were:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Greater material pricing stability
  • Improved quality and durability of the component
  • Improved manufacturing efficiencies for our customer’s production lines

Our Current Range of Machined Ring-Roll Forged products include:

1.) V-Band Sealing Joint Rings

  • Up to 400mm Dia
  • Variable cross section geometry

2.) Marmon Adaptor Rings

  • 75mm ~ 200mm Dia
  • Spherical and Straight sealing face

3.) Other Rolled Flanges for Oil, Gas, Chemical, other

4.) Materials: 304 SS, 434SS, Various carbon steels and alloy steels **

**Note: The grade of steel selected is solely dependent on the application, customer requirements, and geometry of the finished parts.