Our Seglian team is focused on bringing supply chain SOLUTIONS to our customers.

Although we don’t always have the resources to do so within our Seglian group of factories, our customers will sometimes challenge us to provide a solution that is outside our core capabilities. When this happens, and if the project is accepted by our team, we will apply the combined knowledge and experience of our core team to not only bring solutions to the table, we also vet out the various options to insure that you are getting the best possible solution. Our Seglian team has done this time and again.


Following are some examples of solutions Seglian delivered to our customers.

  • Cast and Machined housing for very large electric motors used in oil pipelines across Canada and USA
  • Specialized C seal made from super metal Inconel 718 for automotive application
  • Specialized V-Band Sealing Ring made from a one piece 304 Stainless steel forging, and finish machined