We all know that quality begins with process.

Success can only be maintained if the resources, tools, and assets you employ are maintained to their peak effectiveness. Any person sailing the world’s oceans may start off with the best equipment money can buy. But the power of an ocean is relentless and will take its toll. If the key assets and tools of your business are not maintained, failure is not only likely, it is imminent. The same is true with supply chain quality and management. At Seglian, we know the value of a long term, well managed supply chain. When supply chains are global in nature as they are today, there is even more at stake. The cost of a supply chain failure is multiplied several times. Let Seglian be the lighthouse beacon keeping watch over your supply chain and keeping your ship off the rocks!


Seglian’s factories are certified and audited to TS16949 or at minimum, ISO90001-2008 (where TS is not required).  Seglian Manufacturing Group HQ is certified to ISO90001-2008. Click here for ISO certification.