Manufacturer of products to help organizations meet their low-emissions objectives moves production from Europe to North America in Record Time with Seglian

The Company

Manufacturer a wide variety of products to help vehicle manufacture and other manufacturers meet their low-emissions objectives.

The Challenge

The company purchased a UK manufacturer of an exhaust gas recirulator a few months after the US passed stringent emissions standards for diesel engines nationwide. They moved production from Europe to Mexico, and immediately required a North American partner to both manufacture their components, develop new manufacturing processes, and manage their supply chain.

In particular, the organization needed supply chain for three main components: investment cast headers, precision gas tubes, and assembled housings, all ready to braze together at the Customer. All of the parts needed to be in place and PPAP approved within six months, and start arriving at their Mexico facility within 10 months.

The Solution

The manufacturer contacted Seglian to see if we could help. We already had established, capable, and competitive manufacturers of investment castings, so our main focus was on the precision stainless steel tubes and casing assemblies. The precision tubes were very tight tolerance, very thin wall, and needed to be 100% pressure tested. They were also very high annual quantity. This was not your average tube mill set up.

Precision tubes. After some searching and evaluation, we partnered with a manufacturer of rabbit ear antennas. The existing tube mills were just the right size and accuracy we needed, and the supplier could meet our required volumes. We worked with the factory to improve some systems, and add some processes and machinery. We were in production in the needed six-month time window.

Case assemblies. For the case assemblies, we partnered with a supplier making stainless steel cold drawn tubing as the basic component of the assembly. We installed the required presses and machining equipment, built the welding fixtures, and submitted our PPAP 5 months after we began.

For later generations of the precision gas tubes, we further developed the process and custom designed machinery to add spiral corrugations in the tube to increase turbulation and heat transfer, increasing the efficiency of our customer’s product.

The Results

The customer moved their manufacturing from Europe to North America in record time by partnering with Seglian. They met their tight deadline, attained PPAP approval, and started production on time and on budget. Today, Seglian produces a wide variety of products for the manufacturer as we continue to bring solutions to the table for them.

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