As a supplier in the E-Mobility space, you understand the challenge of finding manufacturers who offer the specialty processes and expertise you need when building electric vehicles. You know, for instance, how hard it is to find partners who can overcome common logistics and supply chain constraints to get your parts and components to your dock on time. And you know the challenge of finding manufacturers who understand the unique pressures involved in the transportation OEM market.

Seglian — Your E-Mobility Partner

At Seglian, we understand your challenges. We are a global manufacturer of engineered industrial components for OEMs in the E-Mobility space. We have been invested in the automotive industry since 1990. We understand your industry, your requirements, your procedures, your protocols.

We work with component suppliers to the E-Mobility market. This includes electric, hybrid and fuel cell applications. Typical applications include machined cast housings and spacers, machined forged axels and shafts, and thermal management components, including manifolds and cooling plates.

We specialize in casting and forgings for, electric power trains, engine components, and the plates used to cool electric vehicle batteries and battery packs. Our primary differentiator in this market is the breadth of our offering. We don’t just deliver a product—we also help you determine how to make it.

Our Unique Offerings

Project Management
We work with you to understand your needs and challenges before proposing the best solution, and manage the process until we deliver your part.
We offer a wide range of manufacturing processes to ensure you get the highest quality, most cost-effective, high-performing part that meets your needs and specifications.
We work with you to optimize product design and material selection for manufacturability, ensuring the highest quality and the best price.
Boots on the ground
We are a global manufacturer with personnel around the world. We know the local customs, speak the language and ensure a quality product and secure supply chain.

Our E-Mobility Products

Gear case housings, hubs, wheels, and other engineered machined castings.
Axles and other machined forgings using multiple forging methods and a broad range of materials.
Specialty precision stainless steel tube products for exhaust gas recirculation, tube fabrications and other applications.

Value-Added Services

  • Tube bending
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Heat treating
  • Painting
  • Testing

Why E-Mobility Component Suppliers Partner with Us

Component suppliers around the world who operate in the E-Mobility space partner with Seglian because we manage everything.

Process Development
Quality Management
Supply Chain Management

Need Engineered Industrial Components for Your E-Mobility Applications?