Agriculture and Construction

If you are a manufacturer of agricultural or construction equipment, you are typically in the large-part, low-volume business. You do not need a supplier that specializes in massive volumes of small parts. You need a manufacturing partner who understands your needs as an OEM and has the foundry and processes to match your large part sizes and production volumes.

What’s Your Challenge

Global OEMs choose us, and stay with us, because we provide a one-stop-shop that includes everything needed to get a product from a drafting table and onto a customer’s dock.

We design custom production lines, design custom machinery, even develop manufacturing processes from scratch.
Whether you need parts made from iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, or something more exotic, we source the right raw materials for you.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
We manage your logistics and supply chain, too, from end to end, with transparency, and maintain stock for you.

Engineered Components for Agriculture and Construction

Gear case housings, hubs, wheels, and other engineered machined castings.
Axles and other machined forgings using multiple forging methods and a broad range of materials.
Rubber to Metal Bonded Moldings
Suspension bushings, mountings and other components for punishing environments.
Stamping and Assemblies
Welding, stamping, punching and other processes for welded assemblies and rubber-to-metal bonded stampings.

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