If you are looking for a global manufacturer of engineered industrial production components, let’s talk. At Seglian, we manufacture precision tubes, machined forgings and castings, stampings and welded assemblies, complex machined parts and more.

Precision Tubings
High-precision tube products for automotive, truck and other global industries.
Machined Castings
Gear case housings, hubs, wheels, and other engineered machined castings for multiple industries.
Machined Forgings
Axles and other machined forgings using multiple forging methods.
Complex Machined Parts
Manifolds, axle housings and heavy-machinery components from a wide range of materials.
Stampings & Welded Assemblies
Stamping, punching, welding, painting, and other processes for welded assemblies.
Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Moldings
Suspension bushings, mountings and other components for punishing environments.
Ring Rolled Forging
V-band sealing joint rings, Marmon adaptor rings and other rolled flanges for oil, gas, chemical, and other industries.
Sourcing Solutions
We develop, source, and vet solutions that fall outside our core capabilities so that you get the unique solution you require.

Need Engineered Industrial Production Components?