Supply Chain Management

If your operation is typical, you don’t have the infrastructure, the people, the proven processes, and expertise needed to manage a global supply chain from end to end. But we do.

Today’s supply chains are complex. There’s the challenge of dealing with overseas vendors, raw material supply, customs officials, and other players in the global supply chain. Each country presents a unique culture, different language, distinct legal requirements, and other challenges that require experts with experience in these countries and boots on the ground to navigate your challenges for you. That’s what we do.

As a manufacturer, you have a core competence that sets you apart in the marketplace. That core competence is not chasing up multiple suppliers. Doing that wastes your time, decreases your productivity, and doesn’t make you any money. Managing an overseas supply chain requires a significant investment in relationship building. At Seglian, we make these investments daily to insure that your needs are met. This type of value is seldom recognized but it takes place every day and is imperative to a long term, successful supply chain.

That’s why you should leave your supply chain management to Seglian. Seglian is a global manufacturer of engineered industrial components that also offers end-to-end supply chain management. We manage the suppliers and sub-suppliers from end to end. That includes your raw material suppliers, machine suppliers, cutting tool suppliers and more. We manage the relationships, the challenges, and the day-to-day details of operating a robust supply chain.

We have people on the ground throughout the supply chain to ensure that your products get manufactured on time and meet all of your specifications. We have the contacts, personal relationships, cultural sensitivity and acumen needed to negotiate the many facets of managing global suppliers.

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