General Industrial

If you are an industrial manufacturer and you need a specialty supplier that offers more than simple forging or machining, let’s talk.

Parker LORD, ReelCraft, OPW, and other leading industrial manufacturers partner with Seglian because of our broad range of manufacturing processes and materials. We manage everything from the drafting table to the customer’s dock.

We have solutions for your sourcing needs even if your volumes are not high. We also find qualified, quality vendors for high volume as well as medium to low volume products. We have customers who manufacture everything from industrial hose reels, to high-pressure pumps, to noise and vibration dampeners.

What’s Your Challenge

At Seglian, we know that general industrial manufacturers don’t have the in-house experience, country knowledge, cultural knowledge, and logistics knowledge needed to fly overseas on their own to find a qualified supplier for their products. This is where our knowledge and experience really comes to the table. We have the breadth of knowledge and experience you need for navigating global sourcing relationships (and, in Asia and many other regions of the world, it’s all about relationships).

We have 30 years of boots-on-the-ground experience manufacturing products in China, Taiwan, and India for manufacturers large and small, worldwide. Global industrial manufacturers choose us, and stay with us, because we provide a one-stop-shop that includes everything needed to get a product from a drafting table and onto a customer’s dock.

We design custom production lines, design custom machinery, even develop manufacturing processes from scratch.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
We manage your logistics and supply chain, too, from end to end, with transparency, and maintain stock for you.
Whether you need iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, or something more exotic, we source the right raw materials for you.

Seglian Manufactures High-Quality Components

Recreational Marine Products
Impellers, mounts and other components for punishing environments.
Industrial Hose Reels
Engineered components and sub-assemblies for industrial hose reels.
Hose-Coupling Products
Custom engineered, precision couplings for hoses for multiple industrial applications.

Need Engineered Industrial Production Components?