Quality Management

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As a manufacturer, you are concerned about maintaining a consistent level of product quality. You know that defective products increase your costs, lower customer satisfaction, and hurt your brand and marketplace reputation.

This is why you need a manufacturing partner that cares about product quality as much as you do. But if you have been offshoring your manufacturing to China, Taiwan, India or another country, you have likely run into the challenges inherent in managing quality amidst a culture you don’t understand and in a language you don’t speak.

You also know all about the delays, costs, and customer satisfaction issues you face when quality issues show up after you have taken delivery of your components. This is why, at Seglian, we manage quality at the point of manufacture. Seglian is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and our factories are ISO 9001-2015 or IATF 16949 certified to ensure that your quality is assured before your parts or components ever leave our plant. We conduct regular quality audits to ensure that no defective product ever arrives at your plant.

At Seglian, we understand your challenge. We are a global manufacturer of engineered industrial components. We operate manufacturing plants in Asia that we both own and manage. Our executives, managers and shop floor workers know the local culture. They speak the national language. And they know that for quality management to work in Asia, everyone in the plant from the c-suite to the shop floor must buy into the approach to quality management.

Quality managers who fly in from the United States to implement and supervise quality management programs often don’t succeed for very long in Asia. What they lack, we have—in spades. At Seglian, we have been managing quality control programs in China for 30 years. We have what you need—in-country knowledge, fluency in the language and culture, and our own boots on the ground.

In Asia, managing quality is all about managing relationships. We have those relations, nurtured over decades. Put them to work for you.

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