At Seglian, we not only manufacture your product. We also ship it right to your door. Whether we are shipping your product across town, across the country or around the world, we make sure your shipment arrives where you need it, how you need it, and when you need.

At Seglian, we have more than 30 years of experience in delivering products to global customers. Because we have the know-how and the local relationships to navigate global supply chains, we guarantee exact-day delivery, sometimes down to the exact hour.

Cost-Effective Logistics

At Seglian, we know that you hire us to deliver value, not simply to deliver a product at the lowest possible cost. One way that we deliver value is by ensuring that our delivery of your product is cost effective. Why? Because, depending on your product and how far we have to ship it, and how quickly, logistics may be a significant percentage of your total cost.This is why we don’t just look at shipping costs. We look at both shipping costs and risk. Then we weigh the one against the other. After all, shipping your product to your door securely is more important than trying to shave a nickel off a shipper’s invoice. Security of your logistics chain is always our top priority.

To be cost-effective, we perform a daily balancing act. We constantly evaluate our logistics costs to determine if we are using the most efficient shipping method, route, dunnage (packing materials), and service provider to move your products. We examine the total logistics process, combined with your needs, to create the best overall solution and value for all, and to mitigate risks pertaining to failure to deliver.

Just-in-Time Logistics

Do you need your products to be manufactured and delivered to your receiving dock on a tight Just-in-Time schedule—not before and not after?

At Seglian, we manufacturer engineered industrial components for a variety of JIT manufacturers around the globe. We utilize multiple warehouses and domestic safety stock in several countries to meet your weekly, daily or multiple-times-a-day JIT delivery requirements.

Deciding how goods are delivered and with what frequency usually requires a lot of compromise between several departments within one company. Our teams at Seglian consult with your teams, provide you with the data you need to make decisions, and then execute a mutually viable delivery system that meets your needs and ours.

The key to any good delivery system is transparency. Our warehouses use the latest software and web tools to provide the transparency and up to date information you require.

Secure Logistics

Security is vital to you as a manufacturer, so it’s vital to us as well. Security is our top priority from the time your product leaves our plant or warehouse to the time it arrives at yours. There are several stages and points of transfer when shipping goods around the world. Our team monitors and evaluates them all to ensure that your goods move safely through each stage without delay or damage.

Never run out of stock again

Most of our customers are large manufacturers who demand deliveries weekly, if not daily. That’s why we maintain safety stock of your products at a warehouse close to your plant—so that you never run out or parts, components or sub-assemblies.

We use the most reputable carriers and service providers in the business. From ocean freight to local truck freight, to local warehousing and stock, you can count on Seglian and our network of providers to deliver the goods—your goods.

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