Emission Control

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change in emission controls is, well, exhausting.
We’re talking constant engineering and design changes, multitudes of applications spread across thousands of types of engines. Plus, the need for suppliers to respond quickly.

At Seglian, we develop manufacturing processes for after-treatment systems for multiple OEMs, including BorgWarner, Faurecia, and Tenneco. They choose us—and stay with us—because we understand the products, functions, and market applications. We know what you need and why.

We have been a pioneer in the industry since the beginning. We have decades of experience collaborating with OEMs to meet the emission standards for engine types, engine sizes, fuel types, technologies, and markets. We understand the products, the challenges, the applications.

What’s Your Challenge

Global OEMs choose us, and stay with us, because we provide a one-stop-shop that includes everything needed to get a product from a drafting table and onto a customer’s dock.

Creating a new product that requires a new manufacturing process? Seglian is on your team to help you solve challenges and reach your objectives.
We have the infrastructure, expertise, people, proven processes, local contacts and cultural understanding to manage your global supply chain.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
We speak the language of Total Quality Management—even in Mandarin and Hindi.

Engineered Emission Control Components

We manufacturer a wide range of production components for exhaust gas recirculation, exhaust gas cooling, diesel particulate filtering, and selective catalytic reduction.

Precision Tube
Stainless steel, precision, corrugated gas tubes for exhaust gas recirculation
Marmon Adaptors
Stainless steel Marmon adaptors for diesel particulate filtering and selective catalytic reduction
Case Assemblies
Stainless steel fabricated case assemblies for exhaust gas recirculation housings

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