Ring Rolled Forging

At Seglian, we manufacturer v-band sealing joint rings, Marmon adaptor rings and other rolled flanges for oil, gas, chemical, and other industries.

Ring rolled forging is a process whereby a near net shape ring is produced as a one piece forging, which originates from a large diameter piece of bar stock.

Benefits of our ring rolled forging process

Lower Cost

Near Net Shape Reduced machining costs

Lower Gross Weight

Reduction and optimization of gross material weight used

Orders Sooner

Fast, highly efficient and reproducible forging process

Increased Quality

Improved material integrity and quality of the component

High and Low Quantity Parts

This process is suitable for any quantity of production part

Our Current Range of Machined Ring-Roll Forged Products

We manufacturer medium sized, machined ring-rolled forging products, from stainless steels, carbon steels, and alloy steels. The grade of steel depends solely on the application, your requirements, and the geometry of the finished part.

  • V-Band Sealing Joint Rings
    DPF & SCR
    Up to 400mm diameter
    Variable cross-section geometry
  • Marmon Adaptor Rings
    75mm ~ 300mm diameter
    Spherical and straight sealing face
  • Other Rolled Flanges
    Oil, gas, chemical, and other industries

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