Heavy Truck and Automotive

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer or Tier 1 Supplier in the global heavy truck and automotive space, you know the challenges of finding a dependable supplier.

Some suppliers have offices in North America but no boots on the ground where your part is manufactured. Other suppliers understand their businesses but not the unique requirements of your industry. They are not ready to work with a global OEM that has complex internal systems, online supplier portals, and all manner of manufacturing processes and protocols that need to be understood.

But at Seglian, we’re different. We are a global manufacturer of engineered industrial components for OEMs in the heavy truck and automotive markets. Since 1990, we have understood your industry, your requirements, your procedures, your protocols—the rules of the road, so to speak.

What’s New

Global OEMs partner with Seglian when they are launching a new product that involves a difficult manufacturing process that their current suppliers can’t handle cost-effectively. For leading global automotive OEMs, we manufacturer a wide range of engineered industrial components.

What’s Your Challenge

Global OEMs choose us, and stay with us, because we provide a one-stop-shop that includes everything needed to get a product from a drafting table and onto a customer’s dock.

Creating a new product that requires a new manufacturing process? Seglian is on your team to help you solve challenges and reach your objectives.
We have the infrastructure, expertise, people, proven processes, local contacts and cultural understanding to manage your global supply chain.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
We speak the language of Total Quality Management—even in Mandarin and Hindi.
Seglian manufactures specialty precision stainless steel tube products for exhaust gas recirculation, tube fabrications and more.
Ring Rolled Forging
Seglian manufactures ring rolled, machined forgings for Marmon flange adaptors, v-band flange rings, gear ring blanks, and specialty near-net-shape forged rings.
Complex Machined Products
Seglian manufactures a wide range of specialty machined products, including bar/tube stock screw machine parts, and machined castings from iron, steel, and aluminum.
Specialty Components
Seglian manufactures rubber-to-metal bonded bushings for truck and automobile suspensions, custom-molded rubber parts for various applications, hot and cold forged specialty fasteners, and investment cast and machined parts.

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