Sourcing Solutions

If we don’t have the expertise, capacity, or capability to manufacture your product, we find a qualified supplier that does, and then manage the project for you to your satisfaction. We source and vet solutions that fall outside our core capabilities so that you get the solution you require.

We find suppliers with the right processes, the right capabilities, and the right industry knowledge, everything that you require to get online. If needed, we conduct a gap assessment, put together a proposal for you, then work hard to bring your product totally up and on board. We even manage pre-launch validation testing to make sure the supplier’s processes and products meet your specifications before going into production.

We Source Solutions for Multiple Industries and Applications


Formed, welded sub-assembly, and high precision tubes for Heavy Truck EGR system

Fork Lift

Drive Axles, forged and machined, for fork lift industry leader


Specialized V-Band Sealing Ring made from a one piece 304 stainless steel forging, and finish machined

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