Process Development

Are you developing a new product but lack a well-developed manufacturing process for manufacturing it? You are going to need expert help with research and development, machine sourcing, tooling and process development. This is where Seglian comes in.

Seglian is a global manufacturer of engineered industrial components. The word is custom. Manufacturers seek us out year after year to help them create custom parts and components for their products. When they lack suppliers who can meet their needs in a timely fashion, or meet them at all, they turn to the team at Seglian for our process development expertise.

We work closely with you to first understand every aspect of what you need. Then we bring together our experience in numerous manufacturing processes and techniques, and our extensive global manufacturing contacts, to develop a custom manufacturing process that meets your product specifications, quality standards, budget, and timeline.

Then we continuously strive to improve, to reduce costs, to improve quality, to increase productivity, and to deliver more value.

Need Engineered Industrial Production Components?